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by pairing skate lessons and boards with education initiatives, skateistan — a non profit organization that works with the support of local afghan communities — is using skateboarding as a tool of empowerment for more than four hundred afghan kids, many of whom live on the streets.  

more than 40 percent of skateistan’s students are female. though girls are banned from riding bikes in afghanistan, skateboarding is novel and remains permissible, and has now become the most popular sport for females in the country. 

photos from skateistan’s facebook and instagram (see also: skating in uganda)


landsat and aster satellite images processed by stephen young, a geographer at salem state university who uses some of the photos to study vegetation change in the sahara. they serve as a reminder on earth day of our planet’s beauty. click pic for description. additional photos from see also: usgs/eros earth art post

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